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Served with a sampling of our
Salad Of The Day and A Sweet TreatSandwich240x200
Roasted Chicken Salad 
Fresh grilled chicken breast, toasted pecans,
green pepper, celery and onion, tossed in a
slightly tangy mayo dressing $6.79

California Chicken Salad
Same as above,
with Michigan dried cherries
added $6.99

Strawberry Chicken Salad
Our very popular chicken salad tossed with fresh strawberries & toasted almonds $6.99

Tasty Tuna Salad - Albacore white tuna,
onion, dill pickle, cucumber. $6.79

Ridley's Club
Roasted turkey breast, smoked ham, cheddar cheese, lettuce,
tomato, topped w/honey mustard $6.79

Turkey, Swiss, Coleslaw
Yes, all together. It's great! oven roasted turkey, coleslaw and Swiss
cheese (great with honey mustard) $6.79

Turkey Garden Club
Oven roasted turkey breast, thin sliced cucumbers, purple onion, roasted
red pepper, cheddar and muenster cheese, lettuce and tomato with a
lemon herb dressing, your choice of homemade bread $7.10

Greek Chicken Breast
Chicken breast topped with a combination of spinach, feta and fresh diced
tomatoes, monterey jack cheese and a yogurt dill sauce $7.10

Italian Grilled Chicken Pesto
With marinated artichoke hearts, tomato, lettuce, provolone and roasted
garlic pesto dressing $7.10
Roast Beef & Cheddar
Lean Angus sliced roast beef topped with cheddar & horseradish sauce $6.99

Vegetarian Sandwiches
San Francisco Grill Panini Style
Roasted eggplant, zucchini, asparagus, mushrooms, mild red and
green pepper, tomatoes, romano cheese, fresh basil, low fat Swiss & Balsamic dressing $6.79

Garden Club
English cucumbers, purple onions, shredded carrots, roasted peppers, artichokes,
cheddar & muenster cheese & a light sundried tomato cream cheese spread $6.79

Panini Grilled Gardenburger*
With red onion, roasted peppers, fresh pineapple, low fat Swiss & honey mustard on
multigrain bread $7.10

Greek Vegetarian
Spinach, feta and tomato combined together and topped with a fat free yogurt
dill sauce & monterey jack cheese $6.79

Lowfat Sandwiches

 heart We highly recommend these low fat items!

 heart Very Lowfat Cranberry Turkey Salad Delight
One of our most popular...oven roasted turkey breast with dried cranberries,
Mandarin oranges, celery and fat free mayo $6.79

 heart Very Lowfat Honey Dijon Chicken Breast
Topped with a fat free honey dijon sauce, lettuce & tomato. We suggest our cherry
pecan bread. $6.79

 heart Simply Fat Free Tuna Salad
White albacore tuna, tossed with herbs and seasoning, combined with fat free mayo $6.79

 heart Grilled Chicken & Turkey Bacon Club
With a Honey BBQ sauce & lowfat Swiss $7.10

Half sandwiches available on most items - $3.99

Not available as a half sandwich: Grilled Turkey Reuben, Panini Grilled New Yorker,
Panini Grilled Gardenburger

Ridley's Famous Roll-Up
Lavash Wraps
A roll-up sandwich made with white, wheat,
sundried tomato and spinach "flat breads". Lavash240x200

Available and displayed as a
grab-and-go sandwich until they sell out.

Call for our Daily Lavash Specials.