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Our telephone voice mail system is on daily from opening
until 1:30. To bypass the system and talk to one of us "live",
hit the numbers 1-2 on your touch tone phone
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Ridley's Signature Items
"Grab 'N Go" These items are made fresh,Lunch-Muffin240x200
displayed in our "Lunch Case" and
ready to go!
Lunch Muffins
These are our savory 10 oz. muffins filled
with herbs, seasonings
and vegetables.
Some have meat! Some people say they
a little like stuffing -- they are addictive!
A meal in itself, these change daily $5.25

Hearth Baked Stuffed Stromboli
Our multi grain bread dough surrounds fresh ingredients of meats,
cheeses and fresh garden vegetables daily.
Call for today's selection. $6.99/Slice

Low Fat Veggie Stromboli
With all fresh garden vegetables baked with low fat Swiss inside
our eight grain bread. $6.99/Slice

Chicken Pot Pie
Chicken breast, potato, carrots, onion, and leeks with a breadcrumb topping delicately baked in a flaky pie crust $7.95

Ridley's Famous Roll-Up
Lavash Wraps
A roll-up sandwich made with white, wheat,
sundried tomato and spinach "flat breads". Lavash240x200

Available and displayed as a
grab-and-go sandwich until they sell out.

Call for our Daily Lavash Specials.